Gooroo case study

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"Long-wait trajectories"

Gooroo case study

“I need our long-wait trajectories for a  meeting tomorrow!”

It's hard enough coming up with monthly planning trajectories when you have several weeks to do it in. Now imagine having to do it for tomorrow. 

Not only did one Scottish Health Board manage it, but their plans turned out to have pinpoint accuracy as the months unfolded. .. Read more in the case study

Calculating long-wait trajectories using Gooroo Planner

All the formulae and methods outlined in this case study are already developed in Gooroo Planner, including trajectories and clinical pathways, so all you need to worry about is getting the data into and out of the model. The easiest way to get trajectories for every clinical service in the hospital is to run the calculations using the Planner API service. 

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