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Helping reduce pressure on the NHS

Free guide to safe efficiencies for the NHS

3 ways hospitals can treat more patients for less money

Money is tight across the NHS. The short term fixes may have worked for a while, but growing waiting lists and rising capacity pressures cannot be put off forever. Eventually, long term problems always end up needing long term solutions. So here are three practical things you can do to help make ends meet, without storing up bigger problems for the 

future. Download the guide above

NHS Managers

Making savings in the NHS isn't easy.

Read our free guide on safe efficiency savings you can make, whilst still achieving your targets and delivering high standards of care.  

Smarter operational management

Intelligent system that grows with you

Plan for constant capacity

Gooroo empowers clinicians and NHS managers to plan capacity more effectively, and improve patient scheduling and waiting times, without compromising on safety or cost.