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How much does Gooroo Planner cost?

The benefit of hindsight in affordable per-user licences

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PricingCrown Commercial Service Supplier

Current price structure for Gooroo Planner software

Professional Edition:

£4,000 plus VAT

per user per year

  • Full on-screen functionality
  • Capacity planning
  • Theatre/clinic analysis
  • Weekly profiling
  • Patient level simulation
  • Upload data
  • Run calculations
  • Edit results and profiles
  • On-site support session*
  • Unlimited remote support

Standard Edition:

£1,000 plus VAT

per user per year

  • Receive analyses
  • Read analyses
  • Share analyses
  • Unlimited remote support

Planner API:

£18,000 plus VAT

per organisation per year

  • Automates your planning
  • All your week-by-week plans
  • Updates your Gooroo users
  • Feeds your dashboards
  • On-site support session*
  • Unlimited remote support

Want the data preparation done for you?
Gooroo Planner optionally connects to Insource’s Health Data Enterprise solution

*On-site support sessions are available throughout the UK – ask about availability in other countries.

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