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How much does Gooroo Planner cost?

The benefit of hindsight in affordable per-user licences

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Current price structure for Gooroo Planner software

Professional Edition:

£4,000 plus VAT

per user per year

  • Full on-screen functionality
  • Capacity planning
  • Theatre/clinic analysis
  • Weekly profiling
  • Patient level simulation
  • Upload data
  • Run calculations
  • Edit results and profiles
  • On-site support session*
  • Unlimited remote support

Standard Edition:

£1,000 plus VAT

per user per year

  • Receive analyses
  • Read analyses
  • Share analyses
  • Unlimited remote support

Planner API:

£18,000 plus VAT

per organisation per year

  • Automates your planning
  • All your week-by-week plans
  • Updates your Gooroo users
  • Feeds your dashboards
  • On-site support session*
  • Unlimited remote support

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Want the data preparation done for you?
Gooroo Planner connects to Insource’s Health Data Enterprise solution for consistent and automated analysis.

We can also provide, on request, consultancy and additional support (up to £1,500+VAT per day).

NHS login access to this website (including English waiting times reports) is free of charge. Non-NHS access is £600+VAT per year.

*On-site support sessions are available throughout the UK – ask about availability in other countries.

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