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NHS planning

From operational and annual planning to advanced whole-hospital optimisations, Gooroo make light work of the biggest demand and capacity planning tasks.

What do Gooroo do

We specialise in demand & capacity planning across NHS hospitals, with particular expertise in planning non-elective and elective beds, reducing elective waiting times along clinical pathways, and automating it all into coherent and integrated plans.

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A brighter, easier and more collaborative world of planning lies beyond the traditional spreadsheet.
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Latest news & events

  • Planning for covid-19 in Gooroo Planner
    Planning for covid-19 in Gooroo Planner
    Before we get into the technicalities, there is a clinical safety matter that you will need to consider before you start preparing your plans: which of scenarios a) to c) are you going to follow below? The clinically safe (and…
  • Waits drift upwards as lack of focus continues
    Waits drift upwards as lack of focus continues
    It is nearly three years since financial penalties were lifted retroactively from RTT waiting times breaches and the relentless focus on waiting times was lost. At the time, I said “I would also expect [the waiting list shape] to be…
  • RTT waits jump to 25 weeks
    RTT waits jump to 25 weeks
    It is only four months since England’s referral-to-treatment (RTT) waiting times reached 24 weeks, and now they have reached 25. The proximate cause (as predicted last month) is the seasonal slump in the waiting list shape, exacerbated by admission rates…