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NHS planning

From operational and annual planning to advanced whole-hospital optimisations, Gooroo make light work of the biggest demand and capacity planning tasks.

What do Gooroo do

We specialise in demand & capacity planning across NHS hospitals, with particular expertise in planning non-elective and elective beds, reducing elective waiting times along clinical pathways, and automating it all into coherent and integrated plans.

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A brighter, easier and more collaborative world of planning lies beyond the traditional spreadsheet.
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Latest news & events

  • Covid-19 planning – phase 3 and beyond
    Covid-19 planning – phase 3 and beyond
    Planning in the NHS at the moment is all about activity and capacity. Everyone is keen to get the NHS back to business, but covid is making it complicated because of social distancing, self-isolation, PPE, aerosols, and cleaning. So when…
  • Elective waits reach 40 weeks
    Elective waits reach 40 weeks
    When an elective patient has been waiting 40 weeks since referral, that is a warning to hospital managers that they need to take prompt action to avoid breaching the ‘zero tolerance’ 52 week waiting time target. At least, that’s how…
  • Efforts to treat long-waiters were overwhelmed in June
    Efforts to treat long-waiters were overwhelmed in June
    The NHS in England began to admit long-waiting patients in significant numbers in June, but efforts were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers feeding through the waiting list. As a result, waiting times increased by just over 3 weeks during the…