Gooroo Planner

the benefit of hindsight.

From the big picture to the crucial details, Gooroo Planner brings NHS forecasting and capacity planning to life.

What if you could see clearly in graphic detail how the weeks ahead will unfold?

Gooroo Planner is powerful enough to rip through your numbers and return clear pictures of where pressures and opportunities lie – and then put you in control of turning them to your advantage.

Clear, collaborative NHS capacity planning

How Gooroo can help you

Gooroo helps all different areas and roles within the NHS,
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So powerful, yet so simple. Create clear analyses the way you want, and share them with your colleagues.


What kind of analysis do you want?

Model by speciality, by site, whatever you like.


We’ll automate the whole thing.

Think planning is a chore? Now it’s a utility.


All the planning you need.

Forecasts, scenarios, profiles, summaries.


Who do you want to collaborate with?

Share it with colleagues, or not. It’s up to you.