Gooroo Beds

A statistically-validated method for determining the safe number of beds right across the hospital, based on acceptable risk (not assumed bed occupancy)

Whether you’re preparing for winter, reviewing your capacity requirements, or even planning a capital development or site reconfiguration, you’re going to need the strongest possible case for the safe number of beds.

Sounds obvious?

Yet until recently, bed planning relied on generic assumptions about bed occupancy – like the popular 85% figure – even though no single number could possibly apply everywhere. Because the evidence for these occupancies has been so weak, and the risks of exceeding them so poorly understood at system level, bed occupancies been allowed to rise over the years to levels that are manifestly unacceptable.

We can do better.

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Beds are vital to patient safety and operational effectiveness.

They are worth getting right. It’s time to move away from the broad generalisations about bed occupancy that have served the NHS so inadequately over the years, and start planning beds properly based on acceptable risk.

You’re in good hands.

We have been working with the NHS for decades…

…both at senior level within hospitals, and by providing demand and capacity planning tools to literally hundreds of healthcare organisations across the UK and internationally. We have field-tested these algorithms at hospitals in England and Scotland, and they are the basis for the NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance “Planning beds, bed occupancy and risk” which we wrote.