About Gooroo

What we do

Gooroo Ltd is part of Insource Ltd. Gooroo is a British company providing specialist analysis to the National Health Service, with unrivalled expertise in capacity planning and a particular focus on non-elective beds and elective waiting times.

Our services

Our Gooroo Planner software is the most advanced available and supports both interactive and fully automated planning right across the hospital. It forecasts demand, waiting times and capacity along elective pathways and for non-elective services under a wide range of activity scenarios, on time horizons from one week to many years. Managers can interactively plan their week-by-week activity profiles with an eye on capacity and waiting times, or let the software optimise their elective work around the winter non-elective peak.

Gooroo Beds does away with weakly-evidenced assumptions about bed occupancy, and instead lets you plan on the basis of acceptable risk – not just within non-elective beds, but across all the other bed areas that non-electives overflow into.

Gooroo Booker is a prototype algorithm for scheduling all elective patients safely, fairly and efficiently in a continuous software-assisted process. We are interested in talking to potential partners who would like to improve patient scheduling.

Our tech

Gooroo was founded by Dr Rob Findlay, who has been the leading developer of NHS planning models since the mid 1990s.

Our Gooroo Planner software is prototyped in-house and then implemented professionally by ISO 9001 accredited software developers at The Nine Software Company Ltd. Our web services and associated data are hosted entirely in the UK, in a Tier III data centre near London.

Our clients

Gooroo Ltd began trading in late 2011, and dozens of NHS organisations from all over the UK have become our clients. If you’re interested in joining them, just email info@gooroo.co.uk to arrange a free on-site demo.

Statutory and contact information

Company’s name:
Gooroo Limited.

Registered office and postal address:
4 Southern Court, South Street, Reading, England, RG1 4QS, UK

Email address: info@gooroo.co.uk

Telephone: 020 3727 4200 (Insource Ltd main office)

Registered company number: 05048590

Place of registration: England and Wales

VAT number: 990 6609 84