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About Gooroo

What we do

Gooroo Ltd is a British company providing specialist web-based software to the National Health Service, with unrivalled expertise in capacity planning and profiling, patient scheduling, and waiting times reduction.

Our services

Our fully-supported planning software is the most advanced available. Designed for providers and commissioners alike, it calculates the activity, capacity, and money needed to achieve and sustain the cancer and referral-to-treatment waiting times targets as efficiently as possible. It accounts (among other things) for real-life scheduling disruption and ‘x% within y weeks’ targets, and delivers interactive week-by-week profiling of activity, capacity and waiting time trajectories so that elective work can be planned around the winter emergency peaks.

Our innovative patient scheduling simulator helps hospital managers and clinicians to diagnose and resolve the root causes of suboptimal patient scheduling. It quickly highlights unjustifiable booking practices, and fosters simpler and better approaches that safeguard clinical priorities and minimise waits.

Waiting times are a function of both the number of patients waiting and how they are scheduled. By addressing both aspects explicitly, our software enables both NHS providers and commissioners to play their full part in achieving waiting times targets safely, sustainably and affordably.

Our team

Gooroo is led by our founder, Dr Rob Findlay, who has been the leading developer of NHS planning models since the mid 1990s. Our client support team includes: Michael Fox, an experienced NHS operational and information manager, and Garry Kennedy who has years of experience working with NHS information systems.

Our advanced software is prototyped in-house and then implemented professionally by ISO 9001 accredited software developers at The Nine Software Company Ltd. Our web services and associated data are hosted entirely in the UK, in a Tier III data centre near London.

Our clients

Gooroo Ltd began trading in late 2011, and dozens of NHS organisations from all over the UK have become our clients. If you’re interested in joining them, just email to arrange a free on-site demo.

Statutory and contact information

Company’s name:
Gooroo Limited.

Registered office (this is not the postal address):
Belmont House, Shrewsbury Business Park, Shrewsbury,
Shropshire SY2 6LG, UK.

Geographic (postal) address:
The Old Grammar School House, School Gardens,
Shrewsbury SY1 2AJ, UK.

Email address:

Telephone: 01743 232149

Registered company number: 05048590

Place of registration: England and Wales

VAT number: 990 6609 84