Demand & capacity planning looks so simple, until you get into it. Then you find that every step of the calculations is filled with pitfalls and complexity.

Even the very first step of the calculations – measuring historic demand – is often done naively in other models, and the result is gross error when waiting lists and waiting times come out at the end. And when NHS planning is attempted in spreadsheets, the models are inevitably both limited in scope and error-prone.

In contrast, Gooroo Planner has been tried and trusted across the NHS for many years, and every step of the calculations has been carefully developed and documented. The waiting time calculations in particular required a multi-year PhD-level research project to simulate and understand the dynamics, which means you don’t have to, because Gooroo Planner explains it all visually and intuitively.

Getting the sums right isn’t easy. But it is essential. Only then can you have confidence in the results, and rely on the complex whole-hospital planning that an advanced demand & capacity model like Gooroo Planner delivers.


A whole host of features...

With every one of the benefits Gooroo offers there's also a whole host of features worth mentioning

  • Every stage of the calculations carefully worked out and documented.

  • Tried and trusted across the NHS for many years.

  • Calculations have withstood repeated scrutiny and challenge in adversarial planning negotiations.

  • The result of decades of experience supporting hundreds of NHS organisations with planning.

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