We expect to get you up and running with Gooroo Planner on your very first day, with comprehensive week-by-week planning of activity, capacity and waiting times, across all your main specialties and sites, and covering new and follow-up outpatients, elective inpatients and daycases, and emergencies.

Typically we start on-site first thing in the morning, working with one of your most experienced information analysts and your readily-available data, and by mid afternoon your first cut modelling should be ready.

But don’t mistake speed for cutting corners: this is good quality anlaysis that will stand the test of time, so that your plans can be refreshed every month with minimal effort, subsequently improved upon, and then fully automated.


A whole host of features...

With every one of the benefits Gooroo offers there's also a whole host of features worth mentioning

  • This initial on-site support is inclusive with your Gooroo Planner licences for right-first-time implementation.

  • Straightforward data requirements.

  • No patient identifiable data is involved.

  • Automatically inserts sensible defaults when data is missing, so you get results fast.

  • Pre-written "Getting started SQL code" gets you off to a flying start.

Blog posts

Loading the data into Gooroo Planner

  • October 12th, 2017

  • by Rob Findlay

If you're an information professional then you'll probably want to ask: How do you get data into Gooroo Planner? And how difficult is it?

Getting started even faster with Gooroo Planner – the SQL pack

  • April 4th, 2018

  • by Rob Findlay

From a standing start, it usually takes less than a day to write decent queries and generate the first cut of hospital-wide modelling with Gooroo Planner. That's pretty fast. But we thought we could make it even faster.

“I need our long-wait trajectories for a meeting tomorrow!”

  • November 27th, 2017

  • by Rob Findlay

A long-waits forecast that was accurate down to the last patient? Yes, and two months running too. We'd be the first to admit there was a lot of luck in it. But you have to be shooting pretty straight to get that lucky...