Imagine the perfect capacity plan

It’s really detailed – subspecialty and week-by-week – but it’s still easy to see the big picture. It updates itself at the touch of a button – no, wait – it updates regularly and automatically while you sleep.

It looks far enough ahead that you can adapt to change using mainstream capacity, weeks and months in advance, instead of chasing expensive extra capacity at short notice. And it does the contracting round and system resilience plans and business cases too, and they’re all consistent with each other.

Obviously it has to handle complex waiting time and capacity calculations with ease. And it shows how to keep things safe and sustainable, not just how to survive the short term. It integrates outpatients, electives and emergencies – naturally – oh, and the knock-ons for support services like radiology too.

Then it just drops right into every operational manager’s regular performance report, automatically, so they don’t have to go looking for it. Then if they want to change their plans, it’s easy for the hospital’s capacity plans to change too. So everything is up to date and in synch, and it all just happens.

Wouldn’t that be good?

Now stop imagining, and start living it.

By automating your capacity planning with Gooroo Planner and the Planner API, you can transform planning from being a major exercise into just a regular part of management life.

You can take the first step right now: simply request a demo.