Together with Insource

We take care of the data. You enjoy the benefits.

Health Data Enterprise from Insource collects data from your clinical and non-clinical systems, and presents it as a single Unified Data Layer (UDL) which has been prepared, cleansed and structured to be a true representation of the organisation’s position and performance.

Gooroo Planner connects to this UDL, so you can have automated demand and capacity planning for the whole hospital without having to write or run a single data query. And if you’re also using Insource’s Patient Pathway Plus for complete elective care pathway management, then your Gooroo Planner analysis will be regularly updated with the latest and most accurate data.

So let Insource and Gooroo take care of the data, while you enjoy the benefits of clean and consistent demand and capacity planning. We’ll be happy to arrange it all for you.